U.S. Amps USA-50HC


U.S. Amps USA-50HC

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Discover the U.S. Amps USA-50 HC Audiophile Class A/B Amplifier, a compact powerhouse designed for the discerning listener who seeks exceptional sound quality without compromising on power. This Class A/B amplifier embodies the perfect blend of audiophile-grade clarity and robust performance, making it an ideal choice for enhancing your car audio system with pristine, powerful sound.

With its 1,270 watts rms of pure, clean power per bridged at 2 ohm, 660 watts rms per channel at 1 ohm, the USA-50 HC effortlessly drives a wide range of speakers, delivering detailed highs, clear mids, and deep lows. The hallmark of this amplifier is its ability to maintain musical integrity at any volume, ensuring a listening experience that is both immersive and dynamic.

Crafted with the highest quality components and engineered with precision, the USA-50 HC exhibits unmatched durability and reliability. Its thermal management system ensures stable operation under heavy loads, protecting the amplifier from overheating and ensuring consistent performance during long listening sessions.

The USA-50 HC features adjustable gain controls and selectable crossover modes, allowing for fine-tuning of your audio system to achieve the perfect balance and integration of sound. Whether you’re powering a set of full-range speakers or enhancing your setup with a dedicated subwoofer, this amplifier offers the flexibility to create a tailored audio environment.

Sleek and elegantly designed, the U.S. Amps USA-50 HC Audiophile Class A/B Amplifier is not only a testament to superior audio engineering but also a statement piece in any car audio system. Experience your music with the depth, clarity, and power it deserves. Elevate your audio journey with the USA-50 HC, where every drive becomes a live concert experience.

Measured @ 12volts (US Amps High Current Amplifiers produce more power with more voltage)

The USA line will turn off @9volts and 16.6volts. If you need an amplifier for higher voltage, email your salesman


Class A/B

270×2 4ohm / .017 thd

430×2 2ohm / .023 thd

660×2 1ohm / .053 thd

870×1 4ohm mono / .019 thd

1270×1 2ohm mono / .033 thd / 220amps

S/N Ratio 96

Slew Rate 150Vus

Damping Factor >1000

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Dimensions 21.6 × 7.48 × 2.18 in

Blue, Red, Silver, Orange

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