Meet Our Team


Dirk R. Ecker

Chief Engineer, U.S. AMPS

Dirk R. Ecker, often hailed as the "Godfather of Amplifiers," has carved out an illustrious career as the Chief Engineer for U.S. AMPS, a company synonymous with innovation and quality in the realm of sound amplification. With a blend of visionary leadership and technical brilliance, Ecker has been at the forefront of amplifier technology, steering U.S. AMPS to become a leading name in the industry.

Michael James

Chief Executive Officer, U.S. AMPS

I've always had a fascination with electronics. I started removing speakers from old televisions on the side of the road to add to my radio in my bedroom at the age of 10, then building car audio systems for friends and family before I was old enough to drive. The first time I saw a U.S. Amps VLX400 in 1990, it was different than any amplifier I'd ever seen. The amazing aesthetics were only shadowed by its performance. Fast forward 32 years, I am the CEO as well as the lead designer and engineer for U.S. Amps. What an absolute blessing!!!!

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Lloyd Hardy

Chief Financial Officer, U.S. AMPS

"I will do anything it takes to bring U.S. Amps back to its old glory of being one of the greatest and by making sure every customer gets what their hard-earned money deserves."

Lloyd Hardy is the CFO and Co-owner of U.S. Amps Inc. He is also a profound sheet metal fabricator out of Lake Wales, FL. His main attributes to U.S. Amps are his company values to keep the brand strong and the product design superior. Lloyd's main hobbies are refurbishing amplifiers and spending time on the water on his stand-up Jet ski. He also went to Summerlin Military Academy and graduated from Lake Wales High School in 2010.

Lloyd is a family man and raises 5 kids with his wife.

Jacqueline "Nikki" James

V.P. of Merchandising

Nikki is no stranger to corralling chaos, a veteran of the restaurant industry, she has managed many of the well-known franchise chains. In 2017, she opened her own commercial cleaning business. Specializing in Healthcare Construction Cleaning, she grew the business and sold it in 2022. Nikki did not think twice when presented with the opportunity to run the merchandising division for U.S. Amps. She's well known for being upfront and is not intimidated by anyone. 

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Joey Duncan

V.P. Sales and Distribution
Southeast Regional Sales Manager

My introduction to car audio was in high school in 1988 in Gainesville, FL. A few of the guys on the soccer team had systems. Fell in love with the bass. I wasn't old enough to drive yet, so I rode my bike to the stereo shop. That's where I fell in love with U.S. Amps. They were being made by hand right in the shop. I wasn't able to buy my first a U.S. Amp until 1993. It was a purple US50HC running Eight J.L. 8w0 in a '92 Saturn.

I went into business with my father, selling insurance for 25-plus years. Started two different car clubs. Opened an upholstery shop. Then, a custom fabrication shop. That's where I met M.J. (CEO). We became friends. Then, last year, he called and asked if I would run the sales team for the rebirth of U.S Amps. I immediately said yes without hesitation. Here we are!

Scott Fitts

Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Bitten by the car audio bug in 93' and found my talent in cabinet building also made for excellent skills with box building. I've spent most of my professional life woodworking, fabricating, and building control panels for process controls. Although only a hobbyist I became well known in the U.S. Amps community for historical and technical knowledge. The occasional "crazy builds" showing off fabrication and wire management skills have gained respect but also show my true love for the brand!

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Ryan Bollens

West Coast Sales Manager

Ryan Bollens started in Car Audio in Pennsylvania around 1993 as an Installer, then later owned his own Shop called East Coast Audio. As a U.S. Amps dealer and competitor, he became a part of the Original Team U.S. Amps. In 2001, he was recruited to Work for ORION Car Audio and became the head of Tech Support and Product Testing. At this time, he also assisted with Precision Power. In the last 20 years, Ryan has built CES and SEMA show vehicles and has kept a speaker reckoning business. Ryan has been active in professional concert and event production during his entire career in audio and most recently, has been working in the education and training of the next generation of audio professionals. From 2023, He is happy to be part of the new U.S. Amps and contribute his 30 years of experience to its success.

Tommy Taylor

Central Sales Manager

I was the kid in town that installed everyone’s stereos.   First show I can remember, I entered “Crank it UP” In Texas.   Won worst installation (was all borrowed gear just for the show), and loudest amateur.  As I got a little older, I started to purchase as I found them, older car audio gear I could never have afforded back in the day. I started off with Fosgate, Hifonics and U.S. Amps.  I am one of the bigger collectors now. I install in hotrods I build for myself (and always seem to sell) and my brother-in-law whose shop turns out a few a year of clean badass cars.  I try to do period correct installs in the cars. Oh yea, I am also Radio frequency Engineer in my day job.

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A man in a suit and tie smiling for the camera.

Rigo Ibarra

Director of Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing

Rigo Ibarra is a passionate and innovative graphic designer at US AMPS, a company renowned for its high-quality sound equipment, particularly its large class AB amplifiers and systems that deliver exceptionally loud bass. With 20+ year in Graphic Design experience and a profound love for audio excellence, Rigo is proud to be a part of the US AMPS family, contributing to their branding and visual identity.