U.S. Amps VLX400

U.S. Amps VLX400 20,000w RMS Class A/B Amplifier designed by Dirk R. Ecker. Built to order.


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Introducing the U.S. Amps VLX-400, a masterpiece of audio engineering designed by the renowned Dirk Ecker, that redefines the standards of car audio amplification. This exclusive amplifier is built upon the revered Class A/B technology, offering the warm, rich, and detailed sound that audiophiles crave, combined with the power to bring your music to life like never before.

The VLX-400 is not just an amplifier; it’s a bespoke audio solution, custom-built to order, ensuring that each unit meets the specific needs and preferences of its owner. This level of customization guarantees an unparalleled listening experience, tailored to the unique acoustics of your vehicle and your personal audio preferences.


Designed By Dirk Ecker

Class A/B

Custom Built to Order

Comes with 20k Lithium Bank

Comes in Custom Built Crate

Additional information

Additional Information

Color change add $200