U.S. Amps USA-100HC


U.S. Amps USA-100HC

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Introducing the U.S. Amps USA-100 HC Audiophile Class A/B Amplifier, a masterpiece of audio amplification that combines raw power with refined sound quality, designed for the audiophile who demands the best of both worlds. This high-caliber amplifier is engineered to deliver unparalleled clarity, depth, and dynamics to your car audio system, elevating your listening experience to concert hall levels.

The USA-100 HC features a robust Class A/B design, known for its ability to produce a warm, natural sound while maintaining high efficiency. With a power output that can drive even the most demanding speakers, this amplifier ensures that your music is delivered with precision and without distortion, no matter the volume.

Built with high-quality components and a meticulous attention to detail, the USA-100 HC is designed for durability and reliability. Its heavy-duty heat sinks keep the amplifier cool during extended playtimes, ensuring consistent performance and protecting against thermal overload.

The amplifier’s flexible connectivity options make it a versatile choice for any car audio system configuration.  The adjustable gain controls, along with selectable crossover modes, allow for precise tuning, letting you tailor the sound to your personal preference and the acoustics of your vehicle.

The U.S. Amps USA-100 HC Audiophile Class A/B Amplifier is not just an amplifier; it’s an investment in your musical journey. Whether you’re looking to power a set of high-end component speakers or a custom subwoofer setup, this amplifier provides the foundation for an audio system that stands out in both power and clarity. Experience your music like never before with the USA-100 HC, where every note is a testament to the art of sound.

Measured @ 12volts (US Amps High Current Amplifiers produce more power with more voltage)

The USA line will turn off @9volts and 16.6volts. If you need an amplifier for higher voltage, email your salesman


Class A/B

500×2 4ohm / .021 thd

760×2 2ohm / .038 thd

970×2 1ohm / .060 thd

1500×1 4ohm mono / .019 thd / 230 amps

1900×1 2ohm mono / .030 thd / 370 amps

S/N Ratio 96

Slew Rate 150Vus

Damping Factor >1000

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Dimensions 21.6 × 7.48 × 2.18 in
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