U.S. Amps VLX200

U.S. Amps VLX200


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Elevate your car audio to unparalleled heights with the U.S. Amps VLX-200 Audiophile and SPL Class D Amplifier, a cutting-edge powerhouse designed for the discerning listener and the competitive audiophile alike. This state-of-the-art amplifier marries the efficiency and power of Class D technology with the audio fidelity and performance demanded by audiophiles and SPL enthusiasts.

The VLX-200 delivers an impressive 200 watts of pure, clean power, optimized for both sound quality and volume. Its advanced Class D architecture ensures high efficiency, allowing for cooler running temperatures and consistent performance even under the most demanding conditions. This makes the VLX-200 ideal for driving a wide range of speakers and subwoofers, delivering deep, resonant bass and crystal-clear highs that bring every nuance of your music to life.

Measured @ 12volts (US Amps High Current Amplifiers produce more power with more voltage)

The VLX line will turn off @9volts and 16.6volts. If you need an amplifier for higher voltage, email your salesman.

VLX 200

Class D mono block amplifier

Linkable (20k watts @2ohm)

3000×1 4ohm / <0.1%

5500×1 2ohm / <0.1%

10,000×1 1ohm / <0.1%

Efficiency 93%

S/N Ratio 98

Damping Factor 150<

Additional information

Additional Information

Color change add $200