U.S. Amps Timbre 8 Signature


U.S. Amps Timbre 8

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U.S. Amps Sound Quality Component Speaker Systems Timbre 8 Signature

Introducing the U.S. Amps Timbre 8 Signature Series – 8″ 3-Way Audiophile Class Component Speakers, a pinnacle of audio engineering designed for the discerning listener who craves precision, depth, and authenticity in their sound. These speakers represent the epitome of high-fidelity audio, offering a truly immersive listening experience that brings every nuance of your music to life.

The Timbre 8 Signature Series features an 8-inch mid-bass driver, a dedicated midrange speaker, and a high-resolution tweeter, each meticulously engineered to work in harmony, delivering a seamless, full-range sound spectrum. The result is rich, detailed bass, clear, articulate mids, and sparkling highs that together create a soundstage of extraordinary depth and clarity.

3-Way Component System with Bi-amp Capable Passive Crossover

8” Carbon Fiber woofer / 4” Carbon Fiber midrange driver / 2” Coated Textile Dome Tweeter

SBR Surround/Aluminum Basket/Neodymium Magnet/ Aluminum Voice Coil

180 watts rms/360 peak


Frequency Response 8” : 50hz-3.8khz / 4” : 120hz-10khz/ Tweeter : 1200hz-20khz